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The design of curved plywood seats for arenas and large classrooms: customized solutions for every need

da | February 28, 2023 | Regulations and quality standards, Projects and solutions

Custom seating solutions for large classrooms and arenas

The curved plywood seats are a fundamental element for the creation of comfortable and functional spaces in large halls and arenas (Cinemas, conference rooms, stadiums, institutional buildings, lecture halls, universities, etc…). That's why choosing the right design is so important to ensure comfort and satisfaction for spectators or students.

Our company “3C Compensati Curvi Colabianchi srl” offers customized solutions for every need, collaborating in the design and producing high quality bent plywood seating for large classrooms and arenas. Our goal is to provide our customers with seating that meets their specific needs and guarantees comfort and satisfaction for their users.

The manufacturing process for curved plywood seating

Il Working process of curved beech plywood at our company is complete, from the selection of FSC wood to the production of the finished product. Thanks to the flexibility of curved plywood and the experience gained in more than 70 years of activity, we are able to create complex shapes to satisfy every need.

Tailor-made production for design needs and new technologies

In addition to our mold warehouse with over 1000 products ready to be made, we offer a customized production service linked to design needs and new technologies, each solution is customized according to the project and customer specifications. Our technical team works closely with all our partners to ensure that each solution is perfect in terms of design, comfort and functionality.

The safety and durability of curved plywood seating

Safety and durability are key factors in the design and manufacture of our curved plywood seating. All 3C products are made with high quality materials and meet all the safety requirements required by current standards.

Our goal is to ensure comfort and satisfaction to our customers by offering high quality and durable solutions. Contact us from here: CONTACT FORM today to find out how we can help you create the perfect solution for your needs.


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