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Curved beech plywood in the furniture industry: an eco-friendly solution

da | March 8, 2023 | Design and trends, Projects and solutions

The advantages of using curved beech plywood in the furniture industry

Curved beech plywood is an eco-friendly solution that is gaining more and more ground in the furniture industry. Beech plywood can replace plastic and give the same comfort while protecting the environment. Beech wood grows rapidly and abundantly in many parts of the world. 

Curved plywood in furniture making
curved beech plywood in the furniture industry

Additionally, beech is strong and flexible, making it perfect for making curved plywood. These plywoods are used to create high quality furniture, from chairs to tables, and are known for their durability and strength over time.

The infinite possibilities of curved beech plywood in furniture

Curved Beech Plywoods are very versatile and can be used to create a wide range of high quality furniture including seats and backs for chairs and armchairs. The flexibility of beech wood makes it ideal for the production of seats and backrests with rounded shapes, from dining room chairs to armchairs for the living room, from seats for university classrooms to armchairs for theatres.

These furnishings are known for their comfort and ability to adapt to the body, providing optimal comfort. Additionally, curved beech plywood is also very strong and durable, meaning it can last for years without warping or deteriorating.

3C Compensati Curvi Colabianchi SRL: leader in the production of curved beech plywood

The beech is grown sustainably, without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Also, because it grows quickly, a lot of wood can be obtained from the plantations, thus reducing the environmental impact. Curved beech plywood is also a cheaper option than more expensive materials such as oak or cherry, meaning we can have quality furniture at affordable prices.

In summary, curved beech plywood is an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution for the furniture industry. With their combination of quality, durability and price, they are becoming increasingly popular with environmentally conscious producers and consumers.

Our company, 3C Compensati Curvi Colabianchi SRL, is a leader in the production of curved beech plywood and offers a wide range of high quality products made with this material. If you are looking for a bent plywood manufacturer for your project, consider using beech bent plywood from 3C Compensati Curvi Colabianchi SRL.

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