3C Curved plywood
A constant commitment to the environment

FSC® chain of custody

What you sell is what makes the difference

An increasing number of consumers want economic and productive activities to be carried out with respect for the environment. The FSC® brand offers those who buy wood products the clear and immediate guarantee of contributing to the sustainable management of forests.

This is why 3C has undertaken and successfully completed the long process to obtain FSC® certification.

What you sell is what makes the difference, a challenge for the wood supply chain;
FSC® – guarantees environmentally friendly, socially useful, economically sustainable forest management.

FSC certified 3C plywood

More and more attention is paid to wood trade in the European continent, the EU regulation 995/2010 (Timber Regulation) aims to avoid illegal imports of wood in this regard 3C has activated the "due diligence system" within its organization , 3C as "operator" is responsible for verifying the provisions of the standard with detailed checks repeated periodically.

processing of FSC trunks for the creation of curved plywood

Adhesives with low Formaldehyde content

Curved plywood made with glues with low E1 formaldehyde content

For the production of all our products, only adhesives that comply with the European E1 standard are used, i.e. adhesives with a very low formaldehyde content.

E1 means low formaldehyde emission class (0,1ppm limit).

3C Compensati Curvi Colabianchi Srl represents Italian excellence in the production of curved plywood made with glues with a low E1 formaldehyde content.

The company uses only high quality raw materials, coming from certified and controlled supply chains, and follows rigorous quality and environmental safety standards, in full compliance with current regulations. Thanks to its long experience and the use of the most advanced production technologies, 3C Compensati Curvi Colabianchi Srl is able to offer own customers solutions tailor-made and personalized, which respond to the specific needs of each project.

The E1 curved plywood produced by 3C Compensati Curvi Colabianchi Srl they represent a choice of quality, safety and environmental sustainability, which responds to the needs of a production that is increasingly attentive to the environment and to the health of workers.

Thanks to its ability to combine technological innovation with traditional craftsmanship, 3C Compensati Curvi Colabianchi Srl is a reliable and competent partner for all those looking for high quality solutions in the curved plywood sector.

The Wood Cycle

3C Compensati Curvi Colabianchi srl is the only company in Italy starting from the forest for the production of curved plywood. 

Purchase of logs

The curved plywood production cycle starts from the purchase of trunks coming from woods where the cut comes from registered and traceable always, moreover, more than half of the logs come from FSC® certified forests.


From the trunk to the finished product, with more than 1400 bent plywood products in the catalogue. Stbackrests, ergonomic seats, monocoques, stools, armchairs etc…

Processing waste

We recover over 90% of the wood waste material that we produce, using it for the production of thermal energy that we use in the production phases.

Solar panels

The power of the sun in our products

One of our most innovative choices was to exploit the power of the sun for the production of clean and renewable energy.

Thanks to the installation of a latest generation photovoltaic system, we have in fact considerably reduced our energy consumption, producing over 348.000 Kw each year, while decreasing CO2 emissions.

This has enabled us to produce curved plywood with a reduced carbon footprint, benefiting the environment and future generations

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