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The working process of curved beech plywood: from the selection of the wood to the production of the finished product

da | March 8, 2023 | Regulations and quality standards, Technologies and innovations

Wood selection and preparation

Il Working process beech plywood is a complex process that requires specialized skills and the right equipment. Our production process begins with the selection of wood (logs from FSC certified forests), which must be of excellent quality to guarantee a resistant and long-lasting final product.

The logs are placed in evaporation tanks for a few hours and then debarked and cut to size.

Processing of Plywood: Drying and hot pressing

Once selected and prepared, the wood is rolled into thin sheets (sfogliato) and subsequently dried to reduce the humidity. This process is important to avoid deformation and cracking during subsequent processing and is essential for the stability and duration of the finished product.

processing of plywood: hot press for bending
processing of plywood: hot press

Subsequently, the wood sheets are heat pressed and stabilized, using a heat press which allows the wood to be molded into the desired shape. This phase is important to obtain the perfect curvature that characterizes the curved plywood.

Processing of Plywood: Stabilization and finishing

Once the plywood curved it has been modelled, it is stabilized with adequate seasoning and subsequently cut to size. At this point, the plywood is cut along the perimeter, drilled and milled with specific machines to obtain the finished product, which can be used in various sectors, from furniture to construction.

The entire manufacturing process of curved beech plywood is a complex process that requires specialized skills and adequate equipment. “3C Compensati Curvi Colabianchi srl” has over 70 years of experience in the curved beech plywood sector. The end result is a high quality product, strong and durable, which can meet the needs of different areas of use.


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