We have been making for over 60 years
Curved plywood

3C Compensati Curvi Colabianchi Srl

3C was founded in 1973 as a subsidiary of Panceri srl operating in the sector since 1947. In 1996 3C Compensati Curvi incorporated Panceri srl.

The experience accumulated over the years, the continuous training of personnel and the always cutting-edge technology have made 3C curved plywood a valid and reliable supplier for companies operating in the world of furniture.

Architects, designers and interior decorators always have a collaborator in 3C Compensati Curvi available for prototyping or feasibility study.



The company is managed and administered by the Colabianchi brothers

Angel AD - Production director
M Teresa CD - Architect Technical Office Manager and COC FSC Manager
M Christine C. - Chartered Accountant – Purchasing and Accounting Department Manager

The production structure


The 3C plant, the only bent plywood production pole, has a covered area of ​​10000 square meters, each process takes place inside, from the choice of wood to the finished product.

If necessary, the material ready for finishing can be painted by painters who work in the 3C armature.


The whole production process:
from log to finished bent plywood

The raw material wood, comes from woods where the cut comes from registered and is always traceable, from cutting in the woods to our factory, moreover more than half of the trunks come from FSC® certified forests.
The production process starts from the trunk, the prerogative of leafing gives 3C an extra chance for the supply of dimensionally and structurally non-standard elements.
The veneers can have thicknesses and dimensions calibrated on the experimentation of innovative stratifications.
Beech is our mother wood, but we also rob ash, maple, birch, poplar, this and more as needed.


With the 30 pressing machines available, multi-room and not, the production capacity of 3C guarantees short order preparation times. Related industries support 3C for order execution painted and if necessary also solid wood parts can be provided.


The knowledge acquired through years of direct contact with companies operating worldwide in the field of furniture and beyond, make 3C a valid and reliable supplier, 


La finishing and control of the single piece stay though manual by an expert, thus offering a great finished product.

Architects, designers, interior decorators, fitters, etc…

We transform your ideas into curved plywood

From conception to design, from construction to the finished product, the our team of experts is ready to support you every step of the way.

With over 1400 products in curved beech plywood at your disposal, we are able to give life to any of your creations, offering personalized and innovative solutions.

Architects, designers and interior decorators find in 3C Curved Plywood Colabianchi srl a partner always ready to support them in prototyping, feasibility analysis and the creation of unique and exclusive projects.

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